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The avocado route: the green delicacy that triumphs in Barcelona

Last Updated on 10 February 2024 by Mattia Settimelli


Like guacamole, in wraps, toast, sandwiches, juices, waffles… Today everything is green.

Surely if you’ve tried it you can’t stop, because this delight is almost drug addictive. In Barcelona we know how to appreciate good gastronomy and that is why we have decided to create something for you that you will be eternally grateful for: the avocado route.


The best-known variant of avocado. The bane of snacking. The paradise of fat. It is impossible to talk about avocado without talking about guacamole, and it is impossible to talk about Guacamole without talking about Mexicans. In Barcelona, we have many Mexican restaurants, and naming them all would be crazy (you can always go through the post we dedicate to them on the web) so we will give you an example: the avocado from La Rosa del Raval (Carrer dels Angels, 6) does not can be better.



Foto: Nico D (TripAdvisor)


After spending half my life eating butter toast or pa amb tomàquet for breakfast, I had to emancipate myself and fly free from my mother’s womb to discover something without which now I cannot conceive a single day of my life: avocado toast with coffee at breakfast. A place where they know how to put it with great affection is in the Café Cometa at number 20 of Carrer del Parlament. If you are nearby, this is how you start a good day:


Foto: Facebook oficial de Café Cometa


Here we do not have  doubts. The wrap that we recommend can be found at Flax & Kale at 74 Carrer dels Tallers.It is the Grilled Smoked Tofu Wrap, which sounds a bit strange when said that way, but you will surely gain more confidence in it if we tell you that for 6 euros you have a wrap with homemade Arabic bread, grilled smoked tofu, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, beans azukis and our acclaimed avocado.



Foto: Facebook oficial de Flax & Kale


Vegetable juices are in fashion. It is a truth like a temple. And if we talk about juice we can’t help but think of ZZumo (Carrer de la Boqueria, 16) that lives up to its name with all of the law, because it has juices to give and give away.Entre otros, el magnífico Skin Balance con manzana, aguacate, limón y menta.



Foto de Breville USA vía Flickr


Yes, waffle. Why not? After all, any surface where you can spread is a clear objective of the avocado. In this section our bet is clear: Alsur Café. It has a few, you can find it in Plaça de Sant Cugat del Born, in Carrer de Roger de Llúria, in Ribera 18 and in Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt. By the way, since you are there, also try their sandwiches with avocado. All a pleasure!



Foto: Facebook oficial de Alsur Café


The poke is hitting hard. For those who still do not know what one of the most Instagrammed dishes consists of, we can say that it is something like sushi but with each thing on its own. A good place to try them is at The Fresh Poke (Avinguda Diagonal, 357). Avocado is an essential part of this dish, combined with the flavor of many other condiments creating a unique mix on your palate. You can find it at Salmon Poke, California Poke and Vegan Poke.



Foto: Facebook oficial de The Fresh Poke


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