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Avocado Protein Smoothie

Last Updated on 13 December 2023 by Mattia Settimelli

Last Updated on 13 December 2023 by Mattia Settimelli

Talk about easy! This delicious shake has just a few ingredients but it’s packed with nutrition & this sweet, creaminess is so satisfying!

Sometimes fresh avocados are not available. Here, I used frozen & they worked perfectly.


  • 1 frozen avocado, cut into 1 inch pieces 
  • 1 small banana 
  • 1/2 tsp honey
  • 3/4 c almond milk

Blend all ingredients until smooth!


Ah, the Avocado Protein Smoothie—a canvas of health and indulgence! Allow me to enhance this delightful concoction, elevating its flavors while preserving its nutritious essence.

**”Creamy Avocado Euphoria”**


– **1 ripe avocado, chilled and diced**
– **1 small frozen banana, preferably ripe for sweetness**
– **1/2 teaspoon of exquisite raw honey**
– **3/4 cup of pure, creamy almond milk**
– **A touch of vanilla essence for a fragrant dance of flavors**
– **A sprinkle of crushed nuts or seeds for a tantalizing crunch**


1. **Avocado Selection**: Opt for a ripe avocado, yielding gently to a loving touch, promising unparalleled creaminess. Chill it for a touch of frosty elegance.

2. **Banana Brilliance**: A frozen banana, meticulously chosen for its sweetness, adds a luscious texture and natural sugar. Peel and freeze in advance for optimal creaminess.

3. **Elevated Honey**: Source the finest raw honey, a golden elixir dripping with richness. It will complement the avocado’s buttery tones and the banana’s natural sweetness.

4. **Milk Mastery**: Immerse the ingredients in a pool of creamy almond milk, imparting a velvety richness that intertwines harmoniously with the avocado’s lushness.

5. **The Art of Blending**: Embrace the amalgamation of flavors and textures. As the blender whirls, the frozen avocado and banana will merge into a symphony of creaminess, while the honey caresses each molecule, infusing sweetness.

6. **Finishing Touches**: For an opulent finale, add a whisper of vanilla essence, invoking a fragrant allure that tantalizes the senses. And don’t forget a sprinkle of crushed nuts or seeds, offering a delightful textural contrast to this divine elixir.

7. **Presentation**: Pour this masterpiece into a chilled glass—a canvas for its verdant hue and creamy opulence. Garnish, if you desire, with a slice of avocado or a drizzle of honey for a visual crescendo.

This isn’t merely a smoothie; it’s a blend of nature’s bounty meticulously crafted to tantalize the palate and nourish the soul. Each sip—a celebration of health, taste, and indulgence.

Bon appétit!


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