avocado republic

Welcome to Avocado Republic.
I'm Mattia Settimelli

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist / RDN

I’m an author, designer, entrepreneur, self-taught chef and micro-greens grower, always been passionate about active lifestyle, wellness, and sustainability. So, I took the leap and certified as health&wellness coach, focusing on healthy nutrition, longevity, sleep optimization and holistic wellness. It helps that my life partner and mother of two beautiful daughters, has two University Degrees in Pharmacy and Nutrition and 15+ years of working experience into that. We are a team.

I hope you find the information and resources here helpful for you and your loved ones. We only got one life and we must treat it right.


& Philosophy

Why is this platform called Avocado Republic? Well, initially it was about my passion for Avocados. Then it grew into ketogenic diet. Then I decided to expand it to the whole healthy living and wellness topic but I decided to keep the name, and designed the new logo, as Avocado is an icon of wellness. Now, as wellness is a huge area you can lose yourself into it, I’m focusing this site on food-as-medicine and Superfoods as iconic pieces of the broader health&wellness topic. Well, I hear you say: but avocados are not that sustainable, they consume lots of water to grow. Yes, I know. But do you know what consumes more resources than that? Tofu. So, in life, you must accept some trade-off. It’s not all black and white, nothing is. Avocado is the base for an healthy diet, we must only learn how to change the way to grow it.

Secondly, I’m not vegan nor vegetarian. No-one in my family is. All studies suggest that a balanced, mediterranean diet, especially for kids, it is the best you can find. In fact, it is the older food regime on earth and the one that all the health organizations. That being said, not only I don’t have nothing against a vegan diet, but over the years I strongly reduced my animal protein intake and my diet is mostly green now. But not for my kids, for now. Each age got its different needs, and the more balanced, the better. Anyway, for sure, I’m conscious about the climate problems, resources and all the sustainability narrative and I do my part as I can.


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